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The most sustainable
cycling team in the world

Following on from his success with the Vacansoleil-DCM cycling team, Daan Luijkx has a new mission. He will found a sustainable World Tour team, a team that will, on the one hand, be financially stable but will also convey an enduring message: if we want to protect the earth’s beauty for future generations, we have to change our ways. Team Earth will revolutionise professional cycling. Unlike most teams, which depend on one or two primary sponsors, Team Earth will bring together up to six partners who prize sustainability. It will be a unique platform that will draw the attention of a worldwide audience towards the issue of sustainability.

As such, Team Earth will be a fantastic platform for its partners. Besides reaching the billions of people who support cycling and sustainability all over the world, it will offer a diversity of solutions to the challenges its partners face, from an exclusive network focused on sustainability to the unmatched allure of professional bike racing, with riders who are ready to cooperate with partners, and so on. Team Earth will be an alliance that brings a cycling team and its partners together to participate in a unique story that will become world renowned.

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